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The Evolution of Investment Management

Varium Investment Partners
Latin - "We are Different"

Varium Investment Partners stands at the crossroads of investment management outsourcing -

A partnership aligning the interests of advisors, clients, and investment solutions providers. 


We combine a vast wealth of nearly 200 years of institutional investment management experience with our team of PhDs., MBAs, CFA Charterholders, and Chartered Market Technicians with a groundbreaking partnership model that motivates and incentivizes collaboration and sharing to deliver the best outcomes for clients. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver the best investment processes and risk-based outcomes for clients of independent registered investment advisors and family offices. We offer a comprehensive investment solution that enhances your investment capabilities, accelerates growth, and maximizes your firm's economic value.

Strategy vs. Technology


Advisors choosing the wise path to outsource have two choices: investment strategy-focused providers, Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) solutions, or technology-focused providers, Turnkey Asset Management Platforms (TAMPs).  Pure OCIO solutions do not provide customized implementation services and, therefore, are difficult and expensive to implement consistently and effectively.  TAMP solutions force advisors to sacrifice customization and differentiation for automation while also requiring advisors and their teams to learn yet another technology.


Why Choose..??

Varium Investment Partners offers both an institutional-level, data-driven investment strategy solution and the implementation of the strategy through a state-of-the-art trading, rebalancing, and reporting technology platform that requires little to no input from the advisor.  In short, Varium combines an OCIO's institutional quality investment strategy AND the technology and trading processes of a TAMP in a no or low-cost complete investment solution -

the first true "In-sourced Chief Investment Officer" platform.

Maintain Control​​

You have worked hard to build your business and develop client relationships and trust - you are the face and the heart of your organization, and it stays that way.  Every part of our unique partnership model is designed to work collaboratively with Independent RIAs and Family Offices to maximize investment results and the Return on Investment for your investment solutions and growth initiatives.

Advisors can delegate the complex, time-consuming, and expensive portfolio management process to our highly credentialed, experienced, and focused team of investment professionals to deliver an integrated, institutional-caliber investment solution for your clients.  Varium becomes or enhances your internal investment management team and frees up valuable time for financial advisors to focus on delivering comprehensive and customized financial planning - the true driver of growth and value for their enterprise.

Own the Process and
Your Future

Delivering end-to-end investment solutions - strategy, analytics, due diligence, implementation, monitoring, and reporting of your entire portfolio - is all we do.  Our focus, dedication, and expertise are wrapped in a true partnership designed to enhance your investment capabilities, free your time to grow your business, and significantly increase the value of your firm. 

At Varium Investment Partners, we're forging a new path. A collaborative investment solution that provides the control of an internal solution, the expertise and network effects of an outside solution, AND creates significant ownership value for your firm - a rare win-win-win scenario. 


We want to be your partners in delivering the optimal investment solutions so your clients can achieve their financial goals while easing the burden and cost for our advisor partners.

Shaking Hands

Investment Management Solutions

  • Asset Allocation Modelling

  • Manager Due Diligence

  • Trade Execution

  • Rebalancing

  • Reporting

  • Marketing Support

All wrapped in a full-service, turnkey back office technology solution.

Our Unique Partnership Model

We put our money where our mouth is...literally. 

We know we can accelerate your growth, investment capabilities, and client satisfaction.  To do that, we ask that you TRUST us to deliver world-class investment processes that adapt and thrive in changing economic, political, and market conditions. 


Perceived or real, providing that TRUST is a RISK we ask you to take.  As ardent capitalists, we believe that RISK should lead to REWARD, it is the basis of our investment philosophy, so why shouldn't it be the basis of our relationship?


In return for your TRUST, we believe that you should have the opportunity to become an owner of your investment process through EQUITY OWNERSHIP in Varium Investment Partners.

Let's discuss how that works..

City Sky

Our Philosophy

Clients are demanding ever more from their advisors. Financial Planning strategies are more complex and time-consuming than ever.  Investment solutions are both multiplying in number and increasing in complexity.  All of these solutions demand specialization and focus.


We believe advisors do better when they focus on client relationships and gathering assets. We believe firms do better when they focus on building the best holistic financial planning capability. We believe our role is to manage investments.


This allows us of all to focus on what we do best, provide clients the very best service at the most competitive price, and ultimately, build the most value for everyone involved. 

Why Varium Investment Partners?

"In-Sourced" CIO Services
Implementation Services for Advisors' Strategies 
150+ Years of Institutional Investment
Multiple Risk-Adjusted Asset Allocation
Customized Investment Strategies
True Partnership Business Model
150+ Years of Institutional Investment
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