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We're an "in-sourced" CIO solution for Independent Registered Investment Advisors.


We're building the ideal investment solution which allows Advisors to focus on building and managing client relationships and providing holistic financial planning advice, and Varium Investment Partners focuses on implementing institutional-level investment management solutions...the next evolution of the financial industry.

Part 1: The Problem - Bad Operational Models
(Download PDF)
Part 3: The Solution - Monetizing The Full Value of Your RIA Firm (Download PDF)
Part 2: The Problem - "Lost Value" in Traditional Investment Management Solutions (Download PDF)
Part 4: VIP Investment Management & Solutions
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Asset Allocation


the team


With over 150+ years of institutional investment management and strategy experience across multiple styles, asset classes, geographies, and analytical disciplines, the Varium Investment Partners team has the experience necessary to deliver the investment results both you and your clients expect with a focus on delivering the highest risk-adjusted returns with a focus on tax efficiency, and help your clients achieve their investment goals. We utilize our collective experience and expertise, in close collaboration with our advisor partners, to develop efficient asset allocation strategies to meet every clients' risk profile. We utilize our proprietary and rigorous research process to screen, vet, engage, and continuously monitor the best investment managers in every investment style and category we allocate to.


Done well, investment management, like holistic financial planning, is a full-time job. It is time-consuming, hard work properly searching, vetting, and monitoring the over 2 million investment products available worldwide. Why not focus on building client relationships, attracting more clients and leave the investment management to us?

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