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RIA/Advisor Partners

We're changing things for the better, for both you and your clients.


When you outsource investment management, you outsource profits. When you handle it in-house, you dilute profits and firm value. If you handle IM yourself,  you keep one eye on it (at best) because you have so many other hats to wear. At Varium Investment Partners, we've created a 3rd option. We provide opportunities for advisors/RIA's to participate in revenue generated by us and the value that creates. We focus on investment management.


Client security is of paramount importance to us. We offer a full suite of services to independent investment advisors. We will never interfere with the relationships or compete with you for clients.



When you're not gathering assets, you're not growing your practice. Unfortunately, the growing complexity of investing means more of your time is devoted to regulations, compliance, etc.

In addition, "robo-advisors" rising costs of doing business, fee pressure, time demands, etc are also impacting your ability to manage client relationships and, most importantly, ensure they're meeting short term and long term goals. 


We believe the key to solving this growing list of challenges is focus and specialization.

We solve these problems by diversifying business risk, capturing lost value, participating in superior economics, allow you to focus on client relationships, provide access to institutional quality investment solutions, improved technology, dedicated investment management, better resources, and much more.

Ask us about our joint marketing plan.

We're looking for RIA firms and advisors who like building client relationships. You enjoy gathering assets and growing AUM. You also understand building and maintaining client relationships is a full-time job. You understand investment management is also a full-time job. You either know one person cannot do 2 full-time jobs well and/or investment management isn't something you're passionate about. If this is you, let’s talk.


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