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We believe that specialization and collaboration between and amongst firms is the only solution to the complexity of the markets and cost pressures ceaselessly driving down margins. We believe we have built the investment firm of the future, both in the focus and scale of our investment offering, but also in the economic partnership we offer to our advisor partners. We know through experience in good markets and bad, that Varium Investment Partners' total "In-sourced" CIO solutions will improve the efficiency and financial results of any firm we partner with. 


We recognize that RIA firms have different levels of sophistication and expertise, and sometimes a complete solution is neither required or desired to make a partnership work. As such, we offer our services a la carte so advisors can align with us according to shortcomings they have in their own firms. From a total "End-to-End" investment solution where Varium manages the entire investment process as your "in-sourced" solution to a la carte solutions including trading and reconciliation, specialized manager search and due diligence, asset allocation and implementation, Varium Investment Partners has the solution to benefit your practice for accounts from $2,000 IRAs to multi-billion institutional clients.

100% Investment Management Solutions

We combine all of our investment expertise in a full service and complete "End-to-End" Investment Solution. It includes our asset allocation strategies, manager selection capabilities, and trade execution services wrapped in a back office technology solution.  We interface with any custodian to deliver a seamless experience for our partner advisors and clients.

Fixed Income Trading &


Our fixed income advisory services demystify the fixed income universe, inform and educate the advisor, simplifies the process, provides advisor guidance, arms the advisor with fixed-income tools to capture assets, and offers institutional level trade execution. 

Search & Selection

With over 2 million investment products worldwide, it can be hard to identify, vet, and monitor investment opportunities.

At Varium Investment Partners, we select and recommend a limited number of managers in each asset class. We continually monitor manager performance and adhesion to their stated investment objectives.

Asset Allocation &

Asset allocation involves both tactical and strategic strategies. Within these 2 strategies, we offer 6 distinct Asset Allocation Models: Aggressive Growth, Moderate Growth, Balanced, Conservative, Sustainable Income, and Custom Allocations.  Our Investment Solutions include Actively Managed SMA/UMA Portfolios, ETF's, Options Strategies, Portfolio Hedging, Concentrated Position Solutions, Alternative Investments, and Customized Portfolios. 

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